The Need to Give Back

As humans, we are not programmed with the ability to look beyond ourselves and our own reality. It is a fact of life, we judge other people based on our own experiences and at times we fail to recognize our own privilege until it is waved in front of our face. We have a lot of things that we take for granted that are actually considered luxuries for other people. We consider electricity and hot water to be a given whereas people in other parts around the world are currently unable to have access to both.

There is a lot of bad stuff going on throughout the world right now and this is the best time for you to contribute and give back. A lot of people tend to sit back and not do anything simply because they think that their effort won’t have an impact when that is far from the truth. If your efforts are able to make even the smallest change in a single person’s life, then you have done your part. You can always start out small, a lot of NGOs and non-profits and relief efforts are always in need of volunteers be it full-time or part time. If you have a specific cause you are passionate about, you can spend your time focusing on that.

One project you can take part in is the Joe Klunder Education Challenge, you can watch the official trailer of the challenge online or on their official website to get a better understanding of it. The challenge basically involves everyone teaching non-English speakers English to better enhance their language skills and making it possible for them to communicate and learn the language. It is a challenge that has the potential to become global and can be a great way to give back.

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