The Best Places in Czech Republic

If you want to visit an amazing country in Europe then you have to look no further than Czech Republic. But why? Why should this country be your next location for your holidays? Unlike our previous article which gave you fair reasons to visit Peru, today we are going to give you a list with the best places in Czech Republic, so you can see why it’s an awesome idea to visit this beautiful European country.

The Prague Castle:

This is a must, you cannot say you visited Czech Republic if you didn’t drop the Prague Castle a visit. That’d be even be considered as a sin! This castle complex which is believed to have been built in 9th century, is one of the most beautiful and interesting locations to visit in Prague.

The Prague Castle is also used as the official residence for the president of this country. So visiting this place is a must-do for you. You can join one of the many tours which will take care of explaining the history of this place for you. Don’t be shy and visit the Prague Castle, you are going to love this experience from beginning till end.

Prague Astronomical Clock:

If you are in Prague, then visiting this 600-year old clock is a must-do. Just like the Prague Castle, this is one of the most popular and iconic places-to-visit in this capital of Czech Republic. We cannot explain this very well in words, but this place is truly amazing and unique on the world, that’s why you should visit it.

Just like with the castle, you can also join one of the many tours which will explain you the history behind this attraction in Prague.

Old Town Square:

If you visit Prague, then visiting this classic and even mythical square in the capital is a must. This is one of the most popular attractions in Prague, and if you want to get the real European feeling, then you have got to visit this place.

You can also take advantage of this opportunity and visit the Charles Bridge and Wenceslas Square. These both places are amazing and will leave you almost speechless, because they are truly beautiful and fascinating for visitors.

State Opera:

And finally, this is another attraction that’s worth visiting: the State Opera. This attraction is part of the National Theatre of the Czech Republic. If you want to enjoy of a good opera and discover the art and culture here in Prague, then you have go to visit this iconic place, you will feel very happy and surprised when you do.


The time to say good-bye has come to us. We hope you enjoyed this article from beginning till finish. Our main purpose was to show you why the Czech Republic is worth visiting, and we hope we have done a good job at doing it. If you had any input, don’t be shy and leave it in the comments section.

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