Karambit Knives; Structure And Carrying of The Knives

Everyone keeps talking about how nice Karambit knives are but we think that it is important that they should know the parts and the proper way of storing and carrying the knives. Before we begin, the readers should know that Karambit knife is not used for chopping up vegetables (though we are quite sure that someone somewhere must have definitely tried it out), rather it is a utility and combat knife which is why it is so popular. It is something like the Swiss Army knife but much better if we look at the features and the endless possibilities it offers.

If you are planning on gifting a Karambit to someone, we urge that you read this article first so that you can explain the knife properly and also give safety instructions so that the other person does not maim herself/himself. Let us embark upon a journey regarding the knowledge of the Karambit knife.

Structure of The Knife
Even though you might have seen many different designs of the Karambit knives, if you observe you will notice that the main structure of the knive remains the same. There are several parts of the knife which make it Karambit and they are the curved blade, point, inside edge (concave edge), outside edge (convex edge) and the ergonomic handle.

Carrying And The Storage of The Knife
Now when it comes to the storage of the knife i.e. when it is not being used, it should always be kept in the scabbard so that no living thing should get hurt by it by mistake. When carrying Karambit, it should be placed somewhere on the body where it can be easily accessed whenever the need arises and also should not harm the user.

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