How to Install a Game APK on Your Android Device

The Google Play Store sees a regular fresh flow of games and apps on a daily basis, you can browse through millions of different games and try each and every one of them if you want. Having so many options sounds nice, but the problem here is that people have started to go for quantity rather than quality, only a fraction of the games that you can find on your app store are worth actually playing. Another problem is that since apps are released region wise, your store might not have made the latest version of Geometry Dash available yet.

Geometry Dash is one of those games that one just can’t stop playing, it provides the perfect balance of fun and challenge and is loved by many, but a lot of people are still anxiously waiting for its 2.1 update to be made available to them. Luckily, you don’t have to wait any longer, if you’re using an android device then you can simply download the Geometry Dash 2.1 APK and start playing it right away.

The process is pretty simple, just download the 60MB APK and then go to your device’s security settings, over there you’ll find an option asking you to allow third party apps to make installations. Tick this option and then go to your downloads and tap on the APK, now wait for it to get installed and then start the game. You should now have access to the number of new updates introduced in the latest version along with the new FingerDash leve, now sit back and enjoy trying to beat all the new challenges that the game throws your way. You can find the APK at Geometry Dash, along with details about downloading and installing it.

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