Concrete VS. Liquid Limestone: A Comparison

If you need to get your driveway, patio etc. laid down, the first thing you need to decide here first is your choice of material. You can either opt for bricks, concrete or the latest addition being liquid limestone. A number of builders are used to handing liquid limestone Perth for landscaping projects. This article will however be focusing solely on concrete and limestone to help you make your decision.

Concrete is a relatively cheaper option than limestone. It also happens to have a long history behind it, so it is used more regularly. It is porous but not as porous as limestone, making it a good option for very humid areas or for areas that are more regularly exposed to water like the poolside area. With concrete you can find a number of different colors available so you can match your house’s décor and hence running with the overall theme of the house.

Liquid Limestone:
Liquid Limestone is admittedly a little more expensive than concrete in general. Liquid Limestone also happens to be more porous than concrete but that can be solved with a coat of sealant to prevent moisture seepage or taints. When it comes to liquid limestone Perth, you do not have to do regular maintenance, you just need to apply sealant once every year or two years. Liquid limestone does naturally have its own color but stains can be used to change its color. Liquid limestone also does not happen to absorb heat as much as concrete, so it does not heat up as quickly which is always appreciated during the hotter summer months.

Ultimately your decision depends on your needs and what you feel will work best for your house. You can discuss this with your contractor to get a better idea.

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